Oh My Glory Be, It's Too Hot

When you're walking your dog and barely walking at that, and your t-shirt is beginning to look like you went jogging, you know you are hot. When the ozone level hit purple, like it did today in NYC, and surpassed the highest level of red, you know you are hot.

That's when your fantasies should turn to frozen Minute Maid Fruit Punch ice-cubes. A simple recipe - just buy the half-gallon from the store, pour it into an empty ice-cube tray, stick 'em in the ice-box, and wait. Eat Ben and Jerries in the meantime, perhaps a lighter color, I usually go with Cookie Dough every time, and keep the lights off. Light candles if you want, just don't have those bright lights on.

If you don' have an air conditioner, or you need a new one, David and I just bought a Haier 8,000amp for $189 at Bed Bath. If you don't have a David in your life to install said machine, who you gonna call: BoyFriendForHire.com, a reputable group of handy men, as proven by a Mista who had them install cabinets. And I do believe they are in more than one state.

Does anyone else have beat-the-crazy-heat remedies? Besides leaving town or going to the movies? What about fresh mint...

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