Do You Wear Socks With Flats?

Someone found FashionMista by asking that question on My gut reaction? "NO!" Unfortunately, I did allude to a woman not wearing socks with flats somewhere on this blog. Not sure where, but it's there.

So, I'm going to say, that if you have to ask if you wear socks with flats, then you probably should not, as your socks will wear you. However, if you don't care what others think, and you just feel like showing off a little leg while wearing socks, then I say go for it! I did, when I was a "waitress" in an Italian restaurant (I put that in quotation marks b/c I was the most forgetful waitress around and got tips based on how much I blushed after blunders). I wore white socks with my black chunky loafer Mias under long black skirts (the uniform was all black). But if you do where socks with flats, or heels even, remember the style-setters who did it before you...and note, that it works best with chunky shoes, not dainty ballerina slippers. Think Madonna, Debbie Harrie, Michael Jackson, maybe someone from the Breakfast Club, etc. I wouldn't do it if you're wearing a nice, trim skirt from Ann Taylor, but if you wanted to funk up that skirt, then you'd wear the socks with the flats or chunky heals. But know that wearing socks with flats cannot be taken lightly.

But again, it's your call...!

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