Review of the Plunge Bar - Don't Go

Should you take The Plunge, located atop the Hotel Gansevoort down in the meat packing district? Don't bother. This highly touted gray clad bar was nothing but a rooftop overlooking the Soho House pool (with no sex happening in the pool, I might add). "Grey clad" translates into barmaids who stare blankly during each order. On top of that, when they serve you that $14 vodka cranberry or $12 South African chardonnay, it's all in plastic, so you're not feeling as divine as you were purported to feeling. The stools outside are kindergarten-sized grey stumps, and if you are drinking outside, you're mandated to ordering from the cocktail waitress, who will easily scold you while wearing black Reefs after you bring back a fresh drink from the more happening bar inside, after she neglected you after several serving opportunities.

And, you couldn't even hear the 80's music and DJ they rave about! And it wasn't because the crowd was so rowdy, either. Saddness.

For a place that boasts of a "scene and be scene" atmosphere, you will definitely be scene. So don't wear your Urban Outfitters clearance wrack pink hipster pants and halter top like I did, where you're only saving grace is a pair of high cork soled MIAs that could pass as as a better brand, and higher price, not the $30 you paid for at Shoe Mania next door to Whole Foods at Union Square.

For a good time, a more visually stimulating time, you're better to go to Spice Market across the street, or, Pastis. Both offer eclectic scenes and equally scene-y :)

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