A Hell of a Day at Sea

After making a slow recovery from my kryptonite exposure (see Business Plan as Kryptonite), I finally had a good cry about it after thinking all was lost (ok, two good cries) and began my assent back to normalness yesterday. There's something about getting all dressed up in your favorite (and slimming) sleek black Michael Stars scoop-neck-t and flouncy black Surrealist skirt with purple faux alligator pumps for no reason other than to feel totally killer that really puts you back on course.

I've been trying to keep to a To Do list which really helps in the sanity department b/c I actually remember what needs to get done, and in a timely manner. So, last night after David sweetly treated us to sushi at our favorite sushi restaurant on the upper west side, Tomo, I committed to making my first ever graphic email newsletter. I've been pestering my patient web guy, Shayne, about little issues here and there, and last night it all finally worked, and I sent it. Who knows if the people actually WANT it, but they got it!

Then, out of the blue sky, my email friend and fellow designer Kimmie from Kittin Couture just became an editor at the blog See Pretty Things and did the smartest write-up on the jewelry bag asking the question: Can an Accessory Have an Accessory! I love it! Philosophy and Phashion!

katie james on see pretty things

And I'll throw in here that the chow chow got a nice mention on the Spree Dallas Blog:
katie james on spree dallas blog

Meanwhile, back at the day job, I also sent out our very first graphic newsletter to our audience of moms, pregnant women, childbirth educators, etc. to alert them to our beautiful new statement of maternity rights. And wouldn't cha know, we got an order for 1000 of them, and a random donation of $250! Wasn't that nice!

And for an extra cherry on top, a real live Katie James from England ordered a mossy green checkbook cover, which is the very checkbook cover I carry around in my purse everyday (I keep my calendar in it). And to top it off with some sprinkles, this Katie James had the same font and yummy brown colors on her wedding stationery as on the katie-james.com website. I mean really.

So, as they say in Overboard when Goldie Hawn and the Proffitt family (seen the movie way to many times), are being hauled back on board: "It's been a hell of a day at sea, sir!" And, to top it all off, I caved today and had a half-caff-one-pump-vanilla-latte from Starbucks after 5 good days of Advil and no caffeine. So I'm bouncing on out of the office and into the subway.

But first, I'm going to go to Duane Reade and get the October issue of Vanity Fair...22 pages of guilty pleasures with photo albums.
suri cruise picture vanity fair

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