Laser Hair Removal: The Second Zap

It's been a long while since my last appointment. Even I forgot I was doing laser hair removal! By the time my appointment finally came around, they had to reschedule because they were replacing their flooring. They offered a free microderm abrasion for the inconvenience, but I opted for more of my favorite skin care product - Ameri Pure – as I need to think long-term benefits here. More on that later.

The second lasering went fine. I was done in about an hour (I'm doing thigh, bikini, love trail). We did turn up the level of the laser this time. After my first treatment, to be honest, I really didn't have any hair loss (my future male children will be glad to know that their hair will most likely be persistent). Except for one patch on the bikini, all was as usual. In fact, I had to finally replace my Venus razor after keeping for way too long anyway. And as a side note, this model vibrates! I must be missing all of the commercials, but I had no idea! So now I'm vibrating while shaving! Odd.

Because we turned the laser level up, which I consented to, I did feel the laser on my hair follicles more. I didn't feel like I was getting a tattoo, but the sensation was stronger. Definately out of the league of my first observation during my first zap, where I compared it to feeling like mechanical pencil lead poking my skin. I was still able to gab away with my fun esthetician, whose skin is looking glorious, by the way, thanks to the Ameri Pure Crystal Exfoliotor. Love it!

I wore my glasses (the appointment was at 9am on a Saturday...never again), as I forgot about the green safety goggles you have to wear to protect against the laser rays. So I was a bit foggy-visioned the whole time, but it was no matter.

So I'm doing an experiment, where I shaved a couple of days after the appointment to get rid of any weird stubble that grew back. Now I've been waiting to see if my lower leg hair is growing at a faster pace than my upper leg, and it is. My thighs did get stubble back, but it seems to have stopped growing. So I'm going to shave again and continue with the experiments with my weird Venus razor.

ameripure crystal exfoliator skin care treatmentAnd lastly, my continued praise for Ameri Pure's Crystal Exfoliator. Yes, it has cleared my forhead bumps. Yes, it has fought ingrown hairs. Yes, it has reduced unnessisary upper arm bumps after one application (if only I could remember to put it on before the shower).

So, more followup to come from the second appointment...

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