Progress on the DebtOMeter

Love paying bills when the money is there. Yes folks, I was able to get out the big scissors tonight and cut some of that red thermometer away. This darn cat took a chunk of real money when we went to the vet today to get his official shots, so that's his Xmas present for a looong time. Click here for a picture of the DebtOMeter in a super nova...

PS: The funniest part about Oliver getting his shots today was that they made him lethargic, but he still tried to bug Dinah while she was sleeping on the couch. So he sneaked over and pulled a spring attack on her...his poor front leg (where the shot happened) failed him, but he did no deter, and continued to press into Dinah in the most pathetic way! Usually he grabs her with both arms. It was too funny.

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