Designers: How to Sell to a Boutique

It's a cold, windy Saturday and I have candles all around to warm up the space around my desk, and I'd really like to take a bath and order dinner, but, I've just sunk into the blog of Posie Gets Cozie after linking to it from in an effort to read about how a designer should approach a boutique she wants to sell to. There was a question in forum about whether or not to make the wholesale price 50% of the retail (the answer is yes, in my book), and someone provided this link to Posie Gets Cozie when she explained last year the mind of the boutique owner, in an effort to help designers in their preparation to sell:

I then learned that she has since closed the shop, which was sooo cute, in order to redirect her time to creating her handmade items at Posie, which was how she started it all in the first place.

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