Smitten! Valentine's Gifts for Boys

Doing a quick search for valentine's gifts for boyfriends yielded a crazy Google search, but then found these Smitten Mittens at David's always wanting to hold hands in the cold, but I keep my hands together to keep warmer. More importantly, "smitten" was David's chosen word when he confessed his feelings to me in our elevator back when he lived on the 4th floor and I on the 9th...

Valentine Boy Gift - Smitten Mittens

valentine's gift boys smitten mitten
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Valentine Boy Gift: Heart Bottle Opener

If I hadn't already gotten the below t-shirt (and over-spent on lattes and milkshakes today - thank you PMS), I'd get this...
valentine boy gift heart bottle opener

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Valentine Boy Gift: Solid Threads T-Shirts

I've heard about David's legendary skid-outs on his bigwheel from the days he grew up eating the sidewalks of Columbus, OH. (psst: i maybe just got this for him. ;) )
valentines boyfriend bigwheel t-shirt

As for fantasy football, when I asked him why he didn't play it, he answered: "You already don't see me on Saturday (college football). Do you not want to see me on Sunday (and basically any other football day) as well?" But I know there are other fantasy football boyfriends out there.
valentines boy gifts fantasy football

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Valentines Boy Gifts: Cufflinks at Patrick McMurray

The place to buy these cufflinks, Patrick McMurray, is a fellow Mista. I may like the cufflink designs for myself as rings...can't tell. But boys need help dressing sharply sometimes.
valentines boys gifts cuff links
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Valentines Boy Gifts: Sheepskin Slippers

The boyfriend just expressed interest in having his own sheepskin slippers to pad around the house in. Apparently, my pink sheepskins have made an impression as it gets freezing cold.
valentines boy gifts

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Valentine Boy Gift: Chocolate Fondu Pot

Get a little romantic with candle light, strawberries and angel food cake...oh, maybe this is a better gift for you...all the more perfect for him!
valentines boy gifts chocolate fondue
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Valentine Boy Gift: Calvin Klien Cotton Boxers

There may not be hearts on them, but I've heard that some guys prefer the thin, but wide, waistband to wear under pants...
valentine boys gifts calvin klein boxer
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Valentine Boy Gift - Napolian Dynomite Boxers

valentine boy gift napolian boxers
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PS Ladies: did you see this wedding proposal/ad that aired during Veronica Mars?? SO great...

PPS: If you want to buy yourself a little valentine treat, see my list at Valentine Me

Stay tuned. more valentine's gifts to come. My search has just begun.

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