Dayna's Cheap Beauty Tricks

David's twin sister, Dayna, entertained some friends on a boat. It was a Girl's Day on the boat, and she asked her girlfriends to bring one cheap beauty tip. Dana claims to not have her own beauty tips, but she seems to have quite a few...

1. Vaseline on your brows in the morning when you're doing your make-up to deepen your color and keep the flyaways or no-helpers in place. By no-helpers we mean stray long ones that you don't want to hit your eyes in an ungainly way.

2. Vaseline on your lips at night, just because Dana says so. She says:
"Don't most people?" Well, I didn't, but now I think I might.

3. Shave your legs with cheap hair conditioner (the kind that leaves residue on your hair). The cheapest your can find, like Suave, or something one sale. The conditioner is slippery so it won't clog the raiser like bar soap or regular shave jell. Personally, I use Oil of Olay bar soap, and have for years, to shave my legs, and it's just fine. But if you use shave jell, conditioner seems like a better idea.

4. For rough skin patches, there is a baby jell available in the baby section of the drug store. It is a combination, or something, of oil, and baby something. It might be Johnson and Johnson, but it is a jell-like-lotion that is great for very rough patches like elbows, the backs of arms, upper thighs. Available in the baby section of the drug store. We don't know what it's called, and we don't know how to Google it, but it's there.

5. Exfoliate your lips. That's right. Brush your lips while brushing your teeth. This clears the chapped, flaky pieces of skin that you just want to pick off.

6. Witch hazel. I've heard this one before, so it's confirmed. Buy witch hazel at the drug store for $2.99 instead of expensive toner. Personally, I use Clinique's number 2, but have been meaning to buy plain old witch hazel and have been forgetting.

Happy Beautifying.

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