Gmail is Down...And Subfolders

Gmail is down, and it's like I might as well be offline. You know when you're at work, and they lose the ability to be online, and you're like, well, we better go home! What else are we going to do? But I am home, and there is nowhere to go but the chair I am sitting in.

At least Blogger works.

Seriously, though. So I'm tacking projects that I've otherwise put off. Mind you, they are online, but because gmail is down, I feel like I might as well be offline. We have one website that is very close to launching, and I needed to put some creative brain power into it. So, to stay focused, I did not log into gmail, and only logged into her website to upload new files. I only logged into gmail after about an hour to retrieve a file that I needed to upload. An voila! Someone from gmail Contacts saw me log in and emailed me a job. Amazing.

But, as stated in the last post, I may need to move into my Mac Mail program. Not .mac, that could be even worse. It has sub folders, and I really like sub folders. I've been denying my obsession with subfolders in favor of just going to gmail for everything in my life (an avoiding Entourage), but to tell you the truth, gmail labels just aren't cutting it. They never cut it. I actually hate them.

Gasp! I said it! Owner of 2 shares of Google and I used the word hate and something Google in the same sentence! But seriously. They need to let us have subfolders, because we're not all geniuses, and we can't all remember terms from emails to look up. Like, I need to find receipts for my laser hair removal credit card. It's the GEOnline card, or way I pay that card. So I look it up in gmail - after not having created a label for it b/c it's so easy to "search" - but no. It's called GE.Online. Ah! Who can remember that? And I'm not going to label it "receipts" for all of those smarty pantses out there. "Receipts" is for business related things only. And laser hair removal does not qualify.

But I will say this: I do like that one email can have more than one label. But I still like subfolders better.

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