Happy Sunday and 3rd Anniversary

Oh my! Has it been since February 21st since I last posted?? That's because things have been mighty busy around here...

Before we get into that (next post), it has been three years since David held the elevator door open in our building before I went up to my apartment and he into his, and declared his feelings after a year and half of our neighborly friendship. I believe that the words "smitten" were used. That's that good old Kentucky charm that I had always found so cute.

Needless to say, with the business going on, we knew the anniversary was coming, and it was on my calendar, but it didn't occur to us that we were actually in the actual weekend. David had scheduled to go to North Carolina to visit his dad and sister's family, so we almost missed it! He stayed an extra night and we ate dinner at the very yummiddy Gennaro on 93rd and Amsterdam. So tasty, I cannot express to you. PS: if you go, note that there will always be a line, and the leaving of your name is completely worthless. You just have to be New Yorkish about it and stand as close to the front as possible and keep holding up the number of fingers in your party.

This morning I walked him to his car, helping to carry luggage, and we said goodbye. I went upstairs to take a shower for the day, and when I came out of the bathroom, saw these potted tulips (same angle to give you the effect)!

tulips anniversary

A little leprechaun came in and left them! Oliver of course wants to eat the leaves, but we won't let him.

So, Gerdy and I took our walk and stopped at Silver Moon Bakery to pick up this yummy chocolate chip brioche and coffee. Yum Yum. PS: if you like this place mat, it's actually a Katie James burp cloth...

chocolate chip brioche

Happy Sunday! May you all have chocolate chips and tulips. OMG. Just took my first bite of the brioche, and it is divine.

Update: the tulip has grown and is alive...

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