Can You Feel the Love

the lion king soundtrackIt's starting. The dream I had of space for developing the little ideas that pop into my head. That space is starting. I stayed home for Easter because the unpublicised kick off of Katie James Websites has placed me in the center of a flurry of launching websites, designing stationery, emails, more designs, invoices, bills, and piles of paper to file. David is working anyway on a top secret job, so it was best for him to stay as well.

As always when I listen to A Prairie Home Companion, as I did last night, my heart just opens up to new things. I've been exposed to two new things since:

1. After David and I left to go to Blades of Glory (v. funny), we jumped into a cab and had a very talkative cab driver. Having just read from the Alzheimer's Association's website about how to Maintain a Healthy Brain, I learned that being social is very important to maintaining a healthy brain. So we indulged him and answered all sorts of questions, including what religion we were. I hardly answer that question, because my answer is usually vague like "...spirits and nature..." Nature has always been a major influence in Katie James designs, but I remained quiet. We asked him what his religion is, and he quietly said: "Animism." We asked him what it was, and he basically said that it was a religion of nature. How curious!

Never heard of it before, but I have been reading the Chronicles of Narnia (link goes go Wikedpedia) for some time now, and am in the final book. Funny that I've been reading, and LOVING, Narnia and had never heard of Animism, but seems as though Animism is all over Narnia. Narnia is such a wonderful celebration of nature, and respect for nature and the creator, which is Aslan the Lion during his roar in The Magicians Nephew. It is just wonderful. I've always secretly wanted my wedding theme to be "Through the Wardrobe" or something like that. So, I'm going to learn more about this Animism. Funny how there can be an answer for just about any feeling you are having about yourself, and you think you're alone with it, but you're really not...

2. Sally Dworsky. Talk about chapters of life colliding. So I mentioned her in my last post, having heard her before on A Prairie Home Companion, and loving the piano accompaniment. So I Googled her after Animism (all the while listening to Blondie), and lo and behold, I've heard her, and loved her, before, in the Lion King! Back when the Lion King came out, it was kind my first movie to see by myself, because I had gone with my family and our neighbor's kids, but the theater was packed, so we got split up. I had to sit in an isle seat next to a ten year old boy. Well, when the Lion father dies, and Simba is all alone, tears were streaming down my face, of course. It was just me and this little boy, crying.

So I bought the soundtrack of course, and promptly lost it. But I loved it. Back to Sally Dworsky. The first thing I learned about her is that her brother was playing the piano accompaniment for her songs, and is the musical director for A Prairie Home. The next I learned was that she was part of a song on The Lion King - the love song, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" (she sings the love interest voice). So this puts me back to buying more albums on iTunes this Easter Sunday while I file. How fun. In case you're interested, here is Sally Dworsky's new album with her brother.

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