Hi From Dinah and Oliver

We haven't seen them in a while, so they requested to be put on the blog. Actually, I've been making little movies of Oliver with my digital camera for YouTube (trying to start an Oliver the Terrible series), but the movies are over 10mb and I don't know how to compress them with my Standard QuickTime and iMovie. If anyone has any suggestions, do share! The movies area awfully cute. Like how Oliver didn't know what do do about the new plastic liner in the kitty litter box.

Oliver in the bathroom on my shirt.
oliver in the bathroom

Oliver watching me hook up my new Panasonic fax machine w/ cordless phone at midnight, which I love.
oliver panasonic fax machine

Dinah stalking my Honey Nut Cheerios (I was completely influenced by the new Honey Nut Cheerio wedding commercial where they are all eating crispy honey nut cheerios all the time)
dinah honey nut cheerios

A quick 17 second clip of Oliver and Dinah in the sink:

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