Laser Hair Removal :: Appointment #5

Today's was an interesting appointment. I had a morning that involved some tough but expected news which involved tears. So whenever that happens, I'm pretty much in a non-caring mood, meaning, I pretty much deal with things in black and white instead of over-caring for someones feelings or the like. The same thing happens when I'm sick.

Needless to say I was late for this appointment with the laser, not that that is any surprise, because I am late to many things. Unfortunately, I did have to miss the bikini portion of the laser, since I cut into my appointment so much. The esthitian who I like so much (I like all of them, really, but she was my first, so we have a bond) did ask what I wanted to do, but in my black and white state, I just stated that I didn't care, and to do whatever she wanted. I was late after all.

Lying on the table, defensive about my own lateness, I huffily pointed out that I am still shaving. She saw a few thin leg hairs on my upper thigh and thought that's what all of my leg hairs look like (not so), and thought things were getting better. But, I pointed out that those little guys are always thin, so it was no different. Actually, I would have thought they'd be gone by now because they were so thin. So, she quickly shaved them away and squirted the jelly, which was actually warm this time because the room was so warm. What a difference! It felt almost nice! Normally that jelly for the laser is ice-cold and is the worst part of the lasering.

Remember people: when going to your laser appointment, shave everything, or suffer the razor burn. My top thighs where she had to shave basically feel like they have been sunburned, but it's a patchy red glob that will never turn tan. I've been applying the AmeriPure After Burn lotion on them, which American Laser Centers recommends right after they laser you, and is in fact applied by them after they laser an area. That should work. We will see.

Otherwise, my appointment was at 8am, which is nice for not talking, drinking Starbucks and reading a book. I just finished the Narnia Chronicles, and am on to This Book Will Save Your Life by A.M. Holmes. I don't think I need a life saving at the moment, since I'm making moves to save it every day, but I've heard that she is a great writer, and am enjoying it thoroughly.

When I "allowed" us to talk at the very end of the appointment while I was on my front so she could do the back legs, I asked about the 2 year ongoing appointments, because it appears as though I will need them. She says they are of course honored. I then asked about this new laser technology they are using, saying how a Mista asked about it and was disappointed to learn that the laser changed. The esthitian was surprised, because she knew there was money involved in changing the lasers, and I have to agree that the company would most likely not make a decision to install ineffective lasers. It would be bad for business, right? I'm trying to remember if this one hurt or not. To tell you the truth, in Appointment #4, it did hurt more than usual. And I think it was my first time on their new laser (I've had both since they switched). Well, with this better technology, maybe now I'll stop shaving...?

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