This Book Will Save Your Life

It's 10:30pm and I am in PJs, face washed, contacts out, waiting to relax. I'm drinking Tension Tamer tea while sitting on my velour couch, looking around me, no bright light of the computer staring up at me (but there is now), no online crusades to concur, just life to live in my living room before going to bed in a relaxed state, as I think may be suggested by the book, This Book Will Save Your Life, by A.M. Holmes.

But I'm lonely because I finished the book! This is why I don't finish books. Because they end and there is no more of them, unless you read it again, but the fresh feeling of turning unknown pages is gone. But let me say this: it was a most unexpected action-packed self-help fiction book. And I actually laughed out loud. Twice. Holmes is quite funny. Almost in a Steve Martin sort of way in Shop Girl.

This Book Will Save Your Life was a surprise read that I bought purely because the title was so declarative. I was really checking out A.M. Holmes because I had vaguely heard about her, and this book was available. I don't think my life needs to be saved at the moment, but it did revive my desire to read fiction vs fantasy (Narnia, Potter) or non-fiction (Fast Food Nation, Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire). It also made me very hungry for donuts and for healthy meals prepared by a nutritionist.

It made me want to see Malabo and listen to LA people say weird things like "I'm no-carb." In fact, it has revived my desire to move, and not just to a calm, "affordable" place, but to take the adventure and maybe live back in Charleston, SC on the beach. Lots of other people do it, and it's in the right time zone.

So if you're looking for a good fiction, read This Book Will Save Your Life. It made my life more pleasant, that's for sure. And I think it allowed me to buy myself some Jasmine Rose perfume from Fresh that I've been longing for for a year after they sent me a sample. I promised myself that "when I launch," I would treat myself. Then it became "when I have my first sale from" Then it became "Why spend the money? Put it back into the business! Oil of Olay is just fine."

Let's put it this way: it made the guilt-free allowance of spending money for happiness a lot easier. And not in a shop-a-holic kind of way. The main character of the story was a man. But you know, it's cool, because now I can add another book to my list of "Favorite Books" in different online profiles that I'm always so self-conscious about filling out.

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