Apparently I'm Having an Affair...!

David borrowed my phone today while getting some acupuncture because his fancy new phone with a TV died because the TV sucks the battery life. I stayed home to write a tutorial for a Katie James Pixilated client's website, which was followed up by me making her a new leash out of some brown velour pants I don't wear, pink silk dupioni and the tan polka dot from the checkbook covers and jewelry pouches. It looks like a French circus.

I digress.

David got a text on my phone from a phone number, and called me about it. It said: "Piknik in park 2morrow." I blew it off because if there is no name above the text, and if it's just a number, then I don't have the contact saved. So I figured I was a wrong text.

Little did I know...David was having a jealous fest! Poor guy was treating himself to some golf clothes and an Irish cap of sorts, and trying very hard not to buy a new golf bag. He couldn't put out of his mind who this dog walker picnic could be! That I would be having a picnic with them - correction - a picnic with HIM.

So David texted back. He TEXTED back on my behalf, without telling me (he just told me about this now that he's home, which is how I'm telling you). He texted back: "Can David come?" and the Mystery Texter said: "Let's say 12 until whenever on great hill...Enter on (address deleted to protect FashionMista). I will bring drinks, u bring whatever and whomever."

Ahh! I've been caught red handed! Just kidding. I truly didn't know the number, but with the directions, it had to have been someone I know, so I called the number, and found out who it is. And it is a man. Who might be bringing together a bunch of people for a picnic on one of those mass texts. I rarely drink on a weekend afternoon because there are things I want to do! And the drink slows the motivation. So that's the story of how I was caught.

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