Can't Sleep, Neither Can iGoogle Fox

igoogle fox night

It's 2:30am and I just can't sleep. Very unlike me. Could be due to coffee had today at noon, but unlikely. I started to install QuickBooks today in my new room which is so pleasant to be in, and I swear I keep dreaming about it. I go in and out of dreams about Brothers and Sisters and the expense and income accounts I haven't created yet in QuickBooks. So I've put some water on in my pot for chamomile tea because I still have not decided on a kettle. Maybe after all is said and done I'll find a way to go to GoodWill via subway and see what I can find, as inspired by this post.

I was also jarred a bit by a small family from our building moving their daughter back into their apartment. It's a family of women, actually, a mother and her two daughters. One daughter is a professional now, and the other was a sprightly thing who I met when I first moved into this building 5 years ago. She was a hippie child and always threw imaginary "sparklies" on me when she left the elevator. It was like saying "goodbye!" but instead she said "sparklies!"

She went to college and came back during the summers, and now she's really back, today being her graduation. And it hit me. A whole mini lifetime of 4 years passed for her while I knew her, yet my life stayed the same pace. My life has had many changes in that time, actually, but it was odd to see her life fold over those 4 years. Made me realize, yet again, how quickly time passes.

:: pause to reflect ::

Ok. So now that we've had that thought, I'm moving into constructive mode and attempting to switch my blog into the new Blogger mode, which means I will lose my sidebar and analytics code, as experienced by me on my experimental other blog.

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