Pout :: 'FashionMista' is Denied from Wikipedia

fashionmista imageMy valiant effort to right the world in the use of the word "fashionmista" was revoked by a Wikipedia editor, twice. The term "fashionmista," in this blog, means "fashion mouse." It was originally coined as the name of a cat toy for Dinah, who loved to knead my velvet bedspread. I figured that if I have velvet, then so must she. And so the fashion mouse for cats was born.

Soon after, my friend created a blog. Her profile name was New York City Mouse and her blog was Country Mice in the City. It was my first direct exposure to a blog, and when I went to comment, I was prompted to enter a user name. Wanting to be part of the crowd, I used "fashionmista" as my adoptive mouse name in her blogger world.

This of course takes for granted that I guess no one else uses "mista" as a mouse in another language. I could have sworn that "mista" meant "mouse" in German or something. But apparently not. What has been happening, however, is this incorrect use of the word "fashionmista" to mean a male fashionista. This is most annoying, as I have my Google Alerts set to inform me of any use of the term "fashionmista." You can imagine my dismay when I read: "Look at that fashionmista strut his stuff!" Not that there is anything wrong with a male fashionista. But I'm not sure why an "m" would make it masculine, when there are already terms like "metrosexual." And anyway, a better term for a male fashionista could be "fashionhombre."

So, that's my sad confession. Wikipedia rejected my entry, not once, but twice, at first citing blatant advertising. Fair enough. I deleted a link to this site, and chopped the three paragraph long history of the term into one sentence about how a fashionmista is a fashion mouse for cats made of high quality fabrics. That's it. The end. I didn't mention how it was created for my design company, Katie James, or provide any links, or mention this blog. It was rejected a second time for blatant nonsense. I guess I have to sell a million fashionmistas and have a million visitors a day to this blog in order to be sense enough for Wikipedia. Harumph.

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