Working Girl Salad Recipe w Tuna

recipe for vegitable tuna saladPretty much, a typical lunch for me, even when I worked in an office, is a tuna melt with cheddar cheese that I wolf down and then feel protein-ed after. But I need to broaden my range. I can't keep eating these thoughtless tuna melts, or my brain might just turn into mayonnaise, tuna and cheddar.

So I've started a pursuit of a few good salads to make at home. I started by going to a cafe down the street, spent $7.95 for a little salad inspiration, and here's what I've got:

The Working Girl Salad Recipe with Tuna

Note: helpful to fix salad while listening to The Little Willies.
This salad will be mainly fresh tasting vegetables and a scoop and a half of tuna salad.

Prep time: 7 minutes (if you've prepared the tuna salad already)

1 cucumber
1 small squash
1 small root of ginger
1 New Jersey vine tomato
1 avocado
1 lemon
1 bunch of cilantro
generous amount of Kraft parmesan
2 cans Bumblebee Tuna (or if you do organic or brand of choice)
1/2 tablespoon butter
2 spoonfuls mayonnaise
lettuce that is purple on top
lettuce that is very green and leafy
15 spinach leaves (for folic acid)
Balentino sea salt (don't fear the salt)
Ziploc bags

Prepare the tuna salad in advance (see tuna salad recipe below). You can keep scooping from it.

In a small pan on medium heat (high heat if you have an electric stove), spread melted butter over the surface. Slice about 9 slices of the squash, and spread evenly in the pan. While it is cooking, put the amount of lettuce onto your plate that you want, and rip into bite-sized pieces. Slice about 5 thin slices of cucumber and put onto the salad. Cut the tomato in half and put one half in a Ziploc bag. Slice the other half into thin slices and place next to pile of cucumbers. Halve the avocado by cutting into it lengthwise and cutting around the pit. Twist the avocado apart and put the half that has the pit in it into a ziploc bag and into the fridge. Salt the other half of the avocado and lightly cut into 8ths. Run the knife under the avocado (but above the skin) close to the skin to scoop out the slices you just created, and lightly squeeze them onto the lettuce.

Oops, don't forget about those squashes. Turn the squashes with a fork and knife, and let the other side absorb the butter. Let sit for about 2 minutes, and then sprinkle with Kraft parmesan to taste. The parmesan should absorb the butter and start to look golden. That is when you know they are done.

Scoop the tuna salad into the center of the lettuce. Scoop the amount of tuna salad that you feel like eating. The squash should be done, so turn off the stove, take the pan and spread the parmasan squash over the salad. This puts the salad over the top!

You need dressing. Squeeze a thick slice of lemon over the entire salad. Voila! Make sure to get a bite of tuna with every bite!

Tuna Salad Recipe with Ginger

Makes about 3 meals with a lettuce salad.

Dump the two cans of tuna into a bowel, and quickly chop with a fork to make it into little pieces. Scoop two spoonfuls of mayo into the bowel. Take the ginger root and with a sharp knife (be careful!) lightly peel the outside part off of the piece of ginger you wish to use. Also with the knife, shred small pieces of ginger into the bowel of tuna. Do this to taste, or use about 15-20 little shreds. Rip a small handful of cilantro from the bunch and chop. Pour it into the bowel of tuna. Sprinkle salt to taste. Mix the contents, and store under cling wrap in the fridge.

I'm not going to lie. My love handles are thanking me! Even when I finish the yumminess of the parmesan cooked squash, my love handles are still giddy! You could even make this the night before and bring to your office.

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