sewing scissors delivered! I got 2 rotary blades (one with the scallop blade for an easy scalloped edge on pleather, etc.), Fiskars with the spring loaded handle for easy cutting around curves on pleater or plastic covered lace (omg...these things are awesome...I'm cutting with the simplist flick of my wrist, almost before the blade touches the fabric), a pair of Gingher knife edge bent scissors for delicate silks, and a nice Gingher gift set for myself to get the longer Gingher scissor that's good for almost any fabric. My fingers and wrists are thanking me already...

I couldn't resist not using all of the scissors, so I made this scalloped pleather wallet to hold my cards and keys:

I must admit, the scalloped rotary blade was not so easy to use all of a sudden. Not sure why, but the wheel wasn't turning on the pleather or cutting through as easily. Must find out why. Maybe it needs more oil/lube stuff. Now I need to find some board for the table that can take these razor sharp edges! Maybe I'll get one of these.

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