Market in the Old Stone House

old stone churchPacked into the corners of Brooklyn's Old Stone House, an ammo shelter during the Revolutionary War thanks to its 2-foot thick walls, were 20 designers forming Design Collectives, selling everything from childrens clothes to handmade silver jewelry to pots to artsy jewelry to guitar bags. I trecked it to Brooklyn, which took tooo long b/c I messed it up, as usual, and made the rounds. I just blew my budget on an adorable pair of shoes, so I wasn't planning on buying anything...until it started pouring. But first, here's what everything looked like:

First floor of the house...which also included one of StyleBakery's Designers On the Rise, Elaine Perlov
old stone house

Second floor of the house with the organizer (and founder of Design Collectives), Kathy Malone, of Fofolle
old stone house

Cool handmade handbag maker, Liz Shaw! Her guitar bag are a perfect gift for my little cousin who's been in a girl band since she was like 9.
guitar bags

Love her sign. You can't miss! And it's a good thing, because her iPod cases are super cute.
miss allison

Could not resist buying this hat from Rocks and Salt. I've been looking for the perfect fit of this train conductor hat for a long time, and they were on summer clearance even! Their website isn't ready yet (but watch out when it is), but here's what Beauty News had to say (scroll down).
rocks and salt

Kathy is in the progress of making a website, so that all of these designers can be in one place all the time online. So until then, email me if you want to find these designers!

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