First SuperNova on the Debt-O-Meter!

super nova debtThis just in! A small supernova on the Debt-O-Meter! The balance was small, but its story was not. National City, who I am not a fan of and if you work there this is nothing personal, slammed my checking account with charges after their misleading voice-operator guy led me to believe I always had money in my account, which had some small direct deposits hooked up to it. Although I got statements in the mail, I did not read them (bad, FashionMista). They told me that I was living in my line-of-credit, and not only had I been living in it, I had exceeded it. They were now charging me for every purchase. I only made small purchases with this card, knowing that it was an emergency account. So every Starbucks half-caff-one-pump-vanilla latte cost me $3.68 + a $36 fine for debiting a purchase to funds that were not available. Unlike credit card companies, National City allowed me to keep charging, gladly taking 11 fines at $36 each instead of putting the "Declined" mark on my account. I would have much rather faced humiliation with a cashier than pay over $400 in fines. Upon this supernova, I have extatically closed this account.

supernova up close
supernova debt

debri from supernova falling into kitchen sink
supernova debri

Must go now. Dinah is crawling into the art supply drawer...

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