Summertime Facial Skin Care Treatment

ameripure crystal exfoliator skin care treatmentFacial skin bumps? What facial skin bumps? I've been meaning to blog to you about this since the first heat wave when I went on about Minute Maid Fruit Juice ice-cubes, but I just couldn't make the time! I know we all have the perfect skin because we read about how to get the "Perfect Skin For Now," but I have to confess, I've fallen off the facial skin care treatment wagon. What with obsessing over the laser hair removal for my legs and bikini, I've let my Fresh clay umbria bar sit dry and untouched for a while in its little bathroom dish.

Until my friend came to visit and saw my AmeriPure Crystal Exfoliator. She'd heard about it and had been dying to try it on her skin. Watch out, I'm about to sound like a bad Sunday afternoon info-skin commercial, but it's true. I got the AmeriPure Crystal Exfoliator to fight ingrowns, as instructed by the American Laser Centers people who are doing my laser hair removal. That was my assignment: take care of the ingrowns before your next appointment. The esthetician said that she loved the exfoliator and even used it on her face to get rid of some redness she had there. Whatever, I thought. I have the perfect skin for now. Aside from the little skin-colored bumps on my forehead that usually only showed up when I had bangs during field hockey pre-season over highschool summer vacations. But they've been here through a winter already, ok two winters, but whatever. Don't we all have skin bumps?

fresh clay umbria bar skin care treatmentNot if we use the AmeriPure Crystal Exfoliator on our faces. And if we combine it with the clay Umbria mud bar face mask from Fresh, we have no skin bumps and a fresh healthy glow. Why wasn't I doing this before? The exfoliator is cool because it's not like that St. Alves or whatever, that has the harsh sand. It's like a jar of a thick baking soda paste that tastes like salt water when you rinse it off. Basically, remember the baking soda paste you put on your bee stings, and apply it to your face. And the clay umbria bar. Oh! Don't get me started on how much I love it! Picture yourself emerging from the freshest lake when you rinse it off in cool water. Delish. Does wonders.

Bottom line: I've had these dratted skin bumps on my forehead for two years, and now they are thinning out. The AmeriPure Crystal Exfoliator is quite a skin treatment. I highly recommend. I did a quick search, and think that the exfoliator is only available on the American Laser Center's website. The Fresh clay umbria bar you can get from Amazon.

PS: I've been putting the exfoliator on dry skin, either after I run and before my shower, or before I go to bed and after I wash my face with my regular bar soap (Oil of Olay, of course).

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