Music I'm Listening To

On the subway through my pre-hp model, battery-still-working iPod, or in my living room on the terrific little JBL On Stage Speakers jbl on stage speakers for iPod, here's what I'm plugged into:

Current Favorite:

Give it Up, Bonnie Rait

On the Recently Played List

Bonnie Raitt, Takin My Time
Bonnie Raitt, Takin My Time

Blondie, Greatest Hits
blondie greatest hits
The White Stripes, Elephant
(i don't care what they say...i like meg white on drums)
white stripes, elephant
The Little Willies, The Little Willies
(if you want to jump around with Norah Jones and a fiddle, then this is an album for you...)
the little willies
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, She's the One
(the soundtrack to the Ed Burns film)
tom petty she's the one
Nancy Griffith, Once in a Very Blue Moon
nancy griffith, once in a very blue moon
John Lee Hooker, Don't Look Back
john lee hooker don't look back

Bob Dylan, Pat Garrett and Billie the Kid
(for some reason, I loved listening to this when visiting my seamstress to make clothes)
bob dylan pat garrett and billie the kid

Closet Picks / Guilty pleasures

Janet Jackson, Janet
janet jackson, janet

The Counting Crows, August and Everything After
the counting crows

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