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I'm dropping out of the Split Ends Club and dropping into an 8:15pm hair appointment tonight at the Scott J Aveda Salon Spa (their name rings through my head b/c I used to call so much for bikini waxing appointments...no longer!). Ever since Anne Hathaway's bang in The Devil Wears Prada, I want my bangs back. I'm over my swoop, no-bang look, so am looking for a new bang to hopefully give a little life to my just-got-out-of-bed-and-didn't-brush-my-hair look. Also, because of my roots, the new, undied pieces of my hair are healthy and limp. I need me some color damage to bring this droopy look some volume!

Here's what bangs I'm going for:

NOT this person (oh wait, I think that's a 1998 Jessica!)

If only I had curly hair! (Ruth!!)

I could take a little of this bang - a whispish swoop:

Most of these pictures have brown hair...maybe I should get that too...??

This sent from MistaVille:

An iVillage article on bangs (check out the before and after picture...it's amazing what a little makeup and an expert blow-dry and style can do)

My Bang:
my bang

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