Business Plan Heaven - With Spark Chart!

Yes, you heard me! I'm making friends with my business plan!

I joined the Ladies Who Launch Tuesday Night Incubator with the hopes of developing
branding for Katie James, as well as figuring out how to make it survive in a world of fabulous accessories offered at all ranges of the price spectrum. Well, lucky me, I sat next to a secret weapon dynamo who just happens to help her friends develop their businesses as a business consultant - in her spare time. Through the incubator, she has decided to take her MBA and ability to memorize business plan books and incorporate her own style of helping young businesses get from point A to B to C with clarity.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce The Matchstick Group (website to come)! The group that helps you get your spark! We met at Starbucks and she had printed out my fledgling business plan and my 2005 and 2006 expense sheets. She plugged everything into her advanced Excel-ness, and we were looking at a quick percentage breakdown of my expenses. We discussed the gory details of how much I need to produce, both in accessories and websites (stay tuned for that future development) and discovered that I am currently making $800 a year from Katie James - as my salery! We determined how to make the numbers really work, and moved on to...The Spark Chart.

The Spark Chart was where we charted the 3-5 year projection of Katie James in terms of visions, goals and enablers of goals. My intensions for Katie James flew out of my head and into little boxes on her spark chart that led to the 5th year.

And the best part is, we had first bonded over my purple faux-alligator shoes at the first meeting, and my whole take-away from that meeting was that I'm wearing the ruby red slippers and have the ability to "go home" or get sparked or take off, but I just didn't see it...

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