Glitter Princesses, Knights of Prosperity and Tinfoil Men

Happy Halloween!

I had great ambitions to be a Goth Kitty, but when my cat mask wasn't turning into what I envisioned, and I was lacking time and resources to research and buy all things goth, so Wallgreen's became my next answer for a quick costume for...the night of our first party! So, for $5.99, I found fairy princess wings, a tiara lined with a boa, and a pink tinsled wand...and for David, a very plastic skull sword (also $5.99).

A little rummaging in the art room at home, and voila!! I became a Fairy Glitter Princess! And glittered all of my friends (and the bathroom floor, and the kitchen, and Dinah the cat). The first night of a party David was A Crazed Buckey Fan in all red Ohio State attire, including Buckey slippers. The second night, David was a bit more prosperous...

me glittering the hostess aka Poison Ivy with powdery green glitter...

Poison Ivey showered in glitter...her costume is now complete

David and the host of our second party...Knights of Prosperitaaay (tune into ABC in January for the real thing)

ahh! The Tinfoil Man!!

it's just my silly brother...(but wasn't he scary?)...he needed a quick and effective costume, and asked me: "Kate - do you think I could just put tinfoil on my head?" This reminds me of when I put a carved pumpkin on my head and wore a slinky dress one year.

Don't eat all of your candy at once! I have a pumpkin of candy here at the apartment - a left over bribe attempt from the Emerging Designer NYC Market. It was my first time being a vendor at a here to learn about it!

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