Message from the Universe...

I LOVE messages from the Universe.

You all know I create and offer free Katie James desktop wallpaper over in My mom still can't get over the fact that I don't charge $.50 for it or something. Well, it makes me happy when I make it, and I love it getting out there, with my little signature on the bottom, onto people's computers to make the computer a happy place in a land of dreary documents.

While at a Ladies Who Launch Live event (delayed blog about which is to come), I was talking to Tonia of 3SL, formerly PaperArtsInc, who suggested I make wrapping paper out of my desktop art to sell to the corporate gift crowd. Loved it. It was one of those ideas that is staring you in the face and you never knew it. Further, and long ago, in my office, another printer had sent me a paper sample of super safe non stick wallpaper. It's on my wall right now with the printer's contact information, because I just love the concept of non-stick sticky wallpaper. So today, I called him to get a quote for polka-dotted wallpaper. That's right, polka-dot, and you place the dots. He's getting back to me.

In a separate world, I've listed my Lazy Susans at Dusk desktop wallpaper at, just so that people could see it and grab it - for free - from Well, I can't sell a darn thing in Etsy (Katie James might be too pricy for that crowd), but today, right after I made the call to the printer, someone bought my Lazy Susans at Dusk desktop wallpaper for the listed $.10! You can imagine my surprise! And I felt terribly that she bought something that was free...So I emailed her, and wouldn't you know, she did it on purpose to give me good feedback and wish Katie James success!

Well I'll be.

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