The Prestige - LOVED

That's right. LOVED it. And it wasn't even that I was swooning all over Christian Bale's lower middle class bad English accent, or that I wanted Scarlett Johansson's bosoms, golden locks, corsets and tulle skirts. The story was amazing, easy to keep up with, yet tricky enough to keep you looking for the secret. What a refreshing movie. Perfect escape for a Friday evening.

Go here and check out a trailor. David and I have practically memorized all of the lines in the trailor - in English accent - because we've seen it so many times. Heck, I thought It had already come out last month. There is: "No...more...secrets!" or "It's not a trick - it's real." or "And then there's the third act." Actually that's all I can remember now that I've seen the whole thing.

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