Free Wireless from Jet Blue at JFK

Honestly, there is nothing better than getting to the airport in one piece, if not severely disheveled and taken apart, only to come to the end of the airport rainbow and find a pot of wireless. Not sure if it's in other terminals, but JetBlue is so hooked up to computers right now, with about a bazillion kiosks that you must sign in at before handing your luggage off. It is worth the fricking $55 cab ride to feel like a real and civilized person, blogging and reading Elle.

Luggage-wise, the people here at JFK must not wear a thing. I'm seeing nearly flat carry-ons - with room. They don't look like they're going to baggage claim. It's Thanksgiving week, so they must be traveling for at least three could they not have checked??

Before I left (and the taxi was coming in 10 minutes), I saw that I am starving poor Oliver. Didn't read the feeding instructions on the catfood, and so didn't see that I need to give him twice the amount Dinah is getting. That meant I was low on canned Merrick cat food and literally called on all of my days of not running this week in the morning, and sprinted the 5 blocks to the pet store to quickly stock up - and back. Which got me thinking. Oliver and Dinah need a very stylish cat carrier. Here's what I've found so far whil sitting in JFK listing to the wonderfullness of cheesy old love songs by Vanessa Williams in between boarding calls.

Ahh! Got to go...boarding all rows!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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