One Tree, One Tear

Um, surprise tear jerker! I had written off One Tree Hill, as Dan was getting wacko and the plot kind of lame. Last night I forgot that it was Wednesday and that I was home and that it was 9:30pm, so I turned it on and saw who I first of all thought were professional basketball players, then I saw Haylee say she was having a boy (paleez, high school, and that's ok, but in One Tree it's normal) and I was just stuck standing there, watching the confetti and Payton look so happy which never happens. Then I kept trying to leave to turn the oven on for my dinner, and the out of the blue the accident happened! I don't even know who Dante is/was! And I really cried when whats his face came running out and they couldn't talk and then he fell over. Goosebumps right now.

David, meanwhile, was watching #1 Ohio State basketball against the Tar Heels in the other room, having his own emotional roller coaster. Needless to say, it was 10:15 by the time I was ready to break away and turn the oven on, so I had donuts for dinner.

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