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TodolistIs it too late to blog about an event that happened a week and a half ago? Yes, I'm going to vote as usual and try not to do much damage in the booth, but am the most excited about the potential ban in NYC on trans fat in restaurants. Don't think that's an issue for the ballet, but I'm a fan of the ban. Hopefully the next one will be nutrasweet. Anyway, my to-do list was so long the weekend after the event, that my blogging fell off of it! I was to cross everything off in one Saturday, and got about 7 of the maybe 22 things, so everything else went on hold.

So now that it's Halloween, I've reinstated the Incubator's mantra of "Do one nice thing for yourself each day" and indulged in some mini milky ways and turned on Gilmore Girls, (which was a reapeat of maybe the first show of this season, but I've so far missed them all so it's fine).

It was like Christmas morning when I got home after the LIVE Event. I had a bag full of goodies (free pair of Naturalizer shoes, Jonathan hair shine, a face peel from md skincare, and gobs more of little deals at womens' businesses), new business cards to file and websites to visit, and new dates to put into my Google calendar (LOVing the Google calendar).

Not only did we get goody bags and hear from the varied experiences of valuable speakers, but my brain was overflowing with new ideas and insights from other women. I had the pleasure of picking Wedding Bee's brain on blog advertising and generating traffic (write, write, write), to Glam or not to Glam with Chicks and Giggles, the new world and future website for Reel Invitations (dvd wedding invitations), and more Katie James strategic alliances with The Matchstick Group.

In between the fabulous speakers, we could indulge in chair massages compliments of State Farm, and go shopping in the Ladies Who Launch marketplace downstairs, where everyone had the cutest displays and polished designs. I held off from participating as a vendor, but now that I've done my first market down in Soho, I'm ready for another challenge. Here are a couple highlights from the LIVE event marketplace:

Definitely unique, beautiful designs of jewelry. Put one of these necklaces on and you're transported to another culture.

Bleach Letterpress Designs by Smith Banfield
I'm a sucker for letterpress cards, and Smith's are gorgeous. Even the card she gave away with her information on it was beautiful.

One of the fun parts about Ladies Who Launch is that there are these surprise women who are a part of it. As I was talking to my dyn-o-mite PR friend at Red Branch PR, I spotted a high school classmate who I hadn't seen in 5 years! I dashed over to her and we chatted and chatted. I can't wait for the next event, and I think there is an Incubator event coming up, oh, and I've got an acupuncture session tomorrow with Acupuncture Remedies...ta ta for now!

PS: just ordered my free Naturalizer shoes...yay!

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