Uh, oh...Found a Kitten...

...and took it home. It leapt across my path Tuesday night to play in some ivy at the base of a tree plotted in a sidewalk in between Broadway and Amsterdam at W. 104th. I stopped, turned, and looked at a woman standing behind me who had also stopped. We looked at each other, and that was it. I bent down and scooped up the kitty after it fearlessly sniffed my hand.

Gerdy and I walked back the scene later and taped signs all over the area, but no one has called. The kitten is litter box trained, and knows all of the good things that come out of the kitchen and from a can of food. And he loves the sparkly tail on the FashionMista.

But, Dinah and I had a talk, and she told me that she'd like to be the only queen of the house.

Plus, I think this little thing is a guy kitten, and I've temporarily named him Jazper, because he's got a lot of pizzaz and thinks he's already a prince around the house, challenging everyone to swatting duels.

Gerdy just stares at him when he does it, and Dinah is not amused.

So...I'm looking for a good NYC home for Jazper! Write back if interested! Or comment!

But look out...he/she is a bit crazy...

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