Christmas So Far...

Let's look at the little pile of Christmas accumulating on my desk:

Homemade AppleButter from TN that I got at Thanksgiving for Grampa and Someone Else,
chow chow for cousin with dog, teddy-bear sleep mask for some lucky Mista reader, lambskin for a brother-in-law of a Mista reader that will hopefully turn into a cigar holder today, silkcreened Notebooks by Saturate from the Curiosity Shop, and a Barista Starbucks French coffee press for Dad who has finally switched from Folgers and a dirty drip machine because a restaurant owner in Garretsville, OH told him to - forget that I'd advised him of that 6 years ago after working at a French cafe in Charleston! So now he gets a good one. But you could also get one at Amazon.

Can I tell you what I love about online shopping at little shops? They give you surprises! The Curiosity Shop included a Fortune Telling fish that curls up in the palm of my hand! If its head moves, that means one thing. If its tail moves, that means another. For me, they both moved, and it flipped all around! So it's meaning I'm In Love, Passionate and Fickle, all at once!

Speaking of In Love, David set up quite a nice tree, and even decorated the bottom with wrapped presents! So exciting. Number of time Oliver has knocked it over: 1.5. And speaking of Oliver, here he is, swimming in polkadotted tulle as I tried to make FashionMistas...

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