Apple's iPhone - Uh Oh

apple iphoneI have to get this Apple iPhone. I don't get anything when it first comes out b/c I like to let the bugs work out and read the reviews, but this will be a tough one because I can finally easily - very easily - integrate my Apple calendar/mail/address book in with it, vs downloading 3rd party software onto a Windows based PDA. Don't get me wrong - I still love my Nokia E62, my favorite part being my calendar items showing up on my main screen at all times to remind me of things. But this is going to be a tough wait. It comes out in June. I am already a happy Cingular Customer, so that's no problem.

But it's got to be a good phone. That is the Nokia E62 claim to fame, that it is a phone first, data device second. And it is. It has one too many clicks to do easy things, like calling someone, but it's all no big deal once you get used to it. The interface on the iPhone will be great too, if it's Apple. My Nokia E62 is forced into a Windows interface, where YOU have to understand IT. Still not a big deal, but not as fun as when Apple organizes something. I'm very happy with the calendar on my E62, and accessing Gmail is a breeze b/c I downloaded something from Gmail of which I have no idea how it works, but it does. I go into my Apps folder, click on the red Gmail envelope, and the program is launched. It doesn't take me to the site, and I didn't really configure my E62. Regardless, it works fine. Also, the E62 has no touchscreen, but a mini joystick. The iPhone does have a touchscreen. The keys appear on the screen, so that will be interesting. I've never had a touch screen, so I'm not making a sacrifice here by not having one with the E62.

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