Gators and Buckeyes

I've got to address it. Everyone is very quiet, and if this quiet could have a color, it would be gray. And not the scarlet and gray kind. I didn't mean that, it's just the color association. Our Buckeye party in NYC ended early, and I even went to bed before everyone left. David had left the shrine up to Ohio State for two months, and we didn't light the candles until the BCS national title game in Glendale, AZ. We didn't eat any chocolate/peanut butter buckeyes sent by David's mother until the kickoff, and made sure our Australian guest, who came late to the game, got to taste his first chocolate/peanut butter buckeye.

This morning, David volunteered to walk Gerdy, who's Ohio State Buckeye collar was on the shrine, just to get out of bed. Nobody called. Nobody texted. Just me and David and Gerdy taking a walk this morning until I left to take the subway to work, and David continued on for a coffee to Zanny's Cafe, where they feature The Onion and not the sports section of the USA Today.

But I'm not going to lie. I learned a big lesson here. I was reminded about faith and motivation. I'm not making any reasons for why the game happened like it did, but I will say that I took the win for granted. Even though I allowed the appropriate amount of doubt about the win, I still chose to update my Friendster account in the middle of the 1st quarter, simply because I have a lonely Friendster account and am a Friend to others and realized that I didn't have anything in my profile.

David, on the other hand, carried much doubt in anticipation of the game for various reasons, so when #7 Ted Ginn Jr. ran the ball back for a 93 yard touchdown, David almost broke the floor boards with excitement. That was the most action I saw out of David the whole night. I don't know when the moment came that I realized that this game was not going well, and that I needed to put the laptop down, but when I did, a few plays later, we scored. A Gator 3-point field kick later, though, I couldn't bring back my mojo for the game, and I'm guessing that's what happened in AZ.

The Gators were certainly impacted by the negative and doubting press they received, and that could certainly act as strong motivation to turn them into real gators that you watch on the Nature Channel. I could go into this, but won't, as I'll respect everyone's shock and not pull back any wounds. It's just very sad. And a reminder of what different types of motivations can do for a person. Sometimes when you're really hungry, you go after what you want, and you make sure you get it.

PS: If you are going to put a "xx GAxxxxx" comment on here, know that I will not approve it.

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