Jim Gaffigan - Hot Pockets!

Happy Tuesday! Or Friday! Or any day you need a random laugh. My friend and I found this vido while researching Jim Gaffigan, and I've dreampt about it since.

Top 5 reaons why you should not watch this Jim Gaffigan video

1. Your boyfriend may Gammon you in a game of backgammon if you watch it before.
2. A breathy phrase: "...hot pockets..." will be in your head for days. Weeks. It will be the only thing to give you real joy.
3. You were enjoying a nice Norah Jones song in your head, but then you saw a hot pockets commercial.
4. Your boyfriend won't think it's funny. He will think you are funny as you laugh so hard you have to pause before drinking your wine.
5. You may spend money you don't have on his Beyond the Pale cd.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch this Jim Gaffigan Video

1. To see how "By Mennen" (sung by manly chorus) came to be.
2. The chicken pot pie hot pocket.
3. It's all running together. Can't think of any more, as various "...hot pockets!..." are running through my head.

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