The Tragedy of Snow

I know this is a blog about fashion, and fashion resources, and the emergence of the label Katie James, but I'm really worried about snow, and how I just don't think we're going to have it anymore. Now, FashionMista is based in New York City, and for those of you who don't live here, it really hasn't snowed. Well, it snowed once about three weeks ago, and I was still in the subway, but my co-worker had just gotten out of the subway and got to walk around in the flurries. So when I got into the office, and everyone said "It snowed!" I sarcastically said: "When, at 10:00am?" because it was about 10:10am, and sure enough, that's when it has snowed. When I was late still in the subway ten minutes prior - and for ten minutes at most.

Today is a Friday, and usually that means that I'm completely worn out and overstimulated with emails and things to do, and my brain is usually swollen with all of this overstimulation, and all I can handle is eating a juicy medium rare cheddar burger with a beer. But today it snowed when I was leaving the office at 6:30pm, and it was so lovely. I mean, it was beyond lovely. I wanted to get a Christmas tree and hang a wreath. In fact, I walked past a wreath and blessed them for being so behind in taking their Christmas decorations down. I went into Duane Reade to fill up on my usual Duane Reade type stuff like bar soap and last minute non-essential hair products that I normally do on Fridays like this, and when I left Duane Reade, it was still snowing. And the cold flakes hitting my forehead and making my black cashmere pashmina white and wet were still so wonderfully refreshing that I walked all the way down to Staples at Union Square just to compare their in-store prices to their online prices (which I think are much higher in the store).

But ever since I saw Children of Men, where all of the women become infertile after a flu outbreak in 2008 or something, and then when I pay-per-viewed An Inconvenient Truth the other night with David, I feel like I saw the future. And the future did not include snow. With the glaciers melting, and the long-ago glacier that melted to form the Great Lakes, but that ultimately stopped a major weather system between us and Great Britain, I'm going to say that I'm very scared that we will just not have snow. We will be living in a very sad Frosty the Snowman Christmas Special, when the evil man in wants his top hat from Frosty, and traps him in the Greenhouse, and Frosty begins to melt and can't stop melting. And Santa eventually saves the day, and reminds us that Frosty will be back someday, but I really don't like feeling like I'm about to enter that very potentially sad Christmas Special where the snow just won't come. I mean, what a tragedy. If any of you are writers out there, that would make a real tear-jerker of a script. Maybe I'll write it, if you don't. Keep me posted. I'll have the box of kleenex by my bed at the ready.

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