If I Were to Propose to Myself...

bling wedding announcementIt hit me - how I would propose to me - while I was walking Gerdy on this glorious sunshiny morning in the woods of Central Park. Actually I was skating across the snow because everything is that frozen. My friend Kelly H just got engaged, and it got me to thinking about the time when Kelly H told me: "If you don't call me when you get engaged, and if I have to find out about it on the blog, why, I'm gonna..." So. That ruled any announcement of that kind out.

But then I thought: "Hey, what if he proposed to me on my blog? And had an open ring box right there in the middle of the post for like March 28th or some random day like that?" I thought that was a very good idea, but if it was David who was going to propose, the scenario would be very unlikely since I am the computer genius in the family, and I had to teach him how to copy and paste. This scenario would require him to think about who might know my blogger password, then who might be able to extract it from me, then who might be able to help him actually use blogger (ahem, it would be Kelly H), and then he'd have to take a picture of the ring in a box, I guess, and somehow get me to check my own blog.

Now that I think about it, I do have my blog on my classic Google Home page, so I guess I could see it that way, but I don't activate that often because it takes too long to load.

custom wedding invitation dvdAnyway, so if the above happened, I guess I would then have no choice but to send out a cute engagement card like the bling bling one above from Paper Bride, then Rush to Reel Invitations to get a custom dvd wedding invitation made of us! We'd be able to tell our whole "how we met" story to all of our friends, and invite them to the wedding while giving them hotel details and everything. I think it would be darn cute.

So that's how I would do it. Now about finding a man who is technologically savvy enough to pull this off...

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