Nostalgic for Caramellos

The wind is blowing again and I'm listening to Norah Jones' new cd, Not Too Late (love it) as I decorate the new website for (you can't see it b/c it's not live yet) and I'm eating a Ghirardelli chocolate square with rich caramel in the middle and it's making me think of my old 8th grade "best" friend who sometimes took me to her 'camp' in the Adirondack Mountains. We always loved Caramellos in the winter when we went to this camp, because they were a soft and yummy chocolate we could charge to some parental account in the sky and eat them up while playing spoons or some other card game. So I got a little nostalgic for that time when friends don't do shi%&y things yet, like kiss your boyfriend or socially climb their way into obscurity. A time when all you really need are Caramellos, a blizzard and a deck of cards.

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