Benefits Mascara - Not So Beneficial

Hate to admit this, but I was wrong about Benefits Mascara. I was first warned by a friend that Benefits mascara smelled. Writing it off as peculiar PMS high-alert senses, I continued to use it. Then my sister complained after using it (attempted theft is more like it), saying that it went on super clumpy. I wrote that off as the hardships from having already long and thick lashes.

When I bought my second bottle from Sephora, I could not deny the smell, the lightness of the bottle, and the clumpiness on my own lashes. It could have been a bad bottle from Sephora, but I don't think so. First of all, any makeup bought from a Sephora store is suspect because of all of the unqualified, public hands that get all over it and mess it up. Yes, I have bought Benefits eyeshadow, that I love, but that had been dipped into. The shadow and lip gloss that also came with the shadow set were marked. I just don't like Sephora.

But the Benefit mascara was a disappointment. The next mascara to try on my list was Dior. I was in Saks with my Newly Engaged Mista friend, and while walking out, walked right past the Dior counter. I of course got a mini-makeover and bought the mascara, which I must say has a nicely perfumed smell. It also brings a very delicate look to my lash, which I like. But, I'm going to do an official post on it, because my Dental Mista friend said that she is married to Maybeline's mascara. So I will get it from Duanne Reade and compare. Stay tuned.

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