Laser Hair Removal :: Appointment #4

Alas! An update for my 4th laser hair removal appointment. It happened in February, which is just when I quit my day job and started working for The Woman (me!), so I've been in the exciting time suckage of entrepenuria. (see my first launched website, as my accessories business, Katie James, has expanded to include website design).

The most important answer of all: I am still shaving. Argh! It's true. The hair is going away, though. I can tell because there is an area that I've decided I want gone, and it's not as caught up as the other parts, so there is a visible difference. So at least it's working. And I'm finding solace in the fact that if after 6 appointments the hair is not totally dead and wiped off the planet, I can go back for 2 years.

I do still get a few ingrowns, but they are most likely last attempts at being totally annoying. I started lasering in the summer. July, actually. So I've spent most of the winter undergoing the laser hair removal treatments. The summer, I think, is when ingrowns come more often.

The fourth appointment, strangely, did hurt more than the others. I could feel the laser more. Mind you - I am fair skinned with dark leg hair. I'm an American Mut, so if I was Syrian, like my good friend Dental Mista, I might experience more pain. The estheticians have claimed to have turned the laser up to full blast in the past, but I'm thinking that they couldn't have, since this time was the strongest I had felt it.

Speaking of Dental Mista, she had her 4th, and last, appointment with her dermatologist. Dental Mista was in a lot of pain. She is Syrian, so while she is fair skinned (when not tan), her hair is pretty coarse. Her dermatologist's laser package was a pack of 4 appointments. Her hair is not gone, and she does need to go in for more. My hair is not gone, but I have 2 appointments left, plus this 2 year extension (providing they live up to their word). I do have a friend, we'll call her Dog Park Mista, who did have success in killing all of the hair follicals on her legs, but it did extend beyond 6 appointments. It was not with American Laser Centers.

I think it all has to do with the thickness of hair. My lighter pieces have been the first to go. And by lighter I mean not super coarse. For example, I do have lighter hairs on my love trial. Those are pretty much gone now. The fifth appointment is in April. I promise I will not wait so long to post!

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