Working for the Woman!

And the woman is me! Me me me!

Katie James, LLC is very busy, so I've not had a minute to post, and am becoming quite a night owl. Before my first day hit on March 1st, I was up until about 3am for a week designing a website. Whew! Now that I'm a free bird, who can go to bed when I like, it's very easy to stay up all hours! I haven't done pay-per-view yet, because I'm on the computer trying to get things done. You'd think I'd have all of this free time to wash Gerdy, do laundry, post to FashionMista, but no! I have a long list! And here it is, a list of things to do for girls who quite their day jobs and break out on their dream jobs:

What to Do When You Quit Your Day Job

1. Get centered. Get a facial. You need to cleanse of your old life to prepare for your new. (check)

2. Get a pedicure. You might as well (check. i did this while i was overbooked and had to sketch a microscope, so i did it while getting a peppermint leg rub).

freelancers health insurance3. Get health insurance. I'm going to do it through the Freelancers Union. I had it through them 3 years ago, but for only one month because then I got a day job with health insurance. Now I can join as a company. I'll post as I learn more. (to-do still)

tiaa cref 401k ira4. Roll over the 401K at TIAA Cref I was graciously able to save while at day job, and turn it into an IRA to be used as desperate backup liquid cash, that will be taxed. This may have a time limit, so I better hop to it. This is good to do because if your money stays in the 401K, you can't contribute much to it, and it's basically no fun. I'm no accountant, but the word is to move it out of the 401K, unless you are switching jobs. But that's not what this list is for. (to-do still, but need to hurry)

hp laserjet 13005. Get laser printer!! Can't live without the speed of a hot little laser printer. My favorite is the hp laserjet 1300 that I had at the office. So reliable and so fast. (done! got from craigslist from a grad student! i recommend a used one from Amazon - if you get from this link I get a tiny commission...).

quickbooks mac6. Get QuickBooks!! So excited for this one. I actually got it already from Amazon. It was the cheapest price I found for Macs. Next step is to take it out of the box. QuickBooks will let me put all of my income into specific categories, so that I can see what is generating the most money (thanks, daisyhead!). Think it also has an inventory function, so that I can track things via inventory, which also is supposed to make my expensing easier at tax time, so that I do not expense something like fabric that was turned into a product and sold. (to-do still)

Ok, on with the to-do list!!

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