My First Fluevogs - Hopefully

fluevog hepburn white heel shoesIt's sunny here today...and you know what that means. Spending money! I've committed to finally donating to my college, will donate to the Central Park Conservancy again, and just donated to my closet with some crisp white with black stitching Fluevogs, the Hepburn style. This is why signing up for these newsletters is so dangerous. I am prone to buying something when I open them. Last week, I bought David a magnetic golf dart board from as a late birthday present (his actual present was very, ahem, expensive sushi dinner with friends, with jugs of sake larger than my head).

Back to the Fluevog shoes. The last time I tried to order shoes from Fluevog's website, that were enormously cute b/c they looked like Mini Mouse shoes, they turned out to be not in my size. But the website took my order. Although I don't think it processed. Needless to say, I don't trust their sizing availability. Also, the shipping takes forever. At least 2 weeks? So fingers crossed. Oh, and these were on sale. That's why I bought them. Although I think I've liked the Hepburn before...

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