Shoes not in at Fluevog Online

This is the second order I've placed on Flueog online. This is the second time that they have called me to tell me that the order is in fact not in stock. Since this happend to me once with the cutest pair of hot pink Mini Mouse heel shoes, you can imagine my attempts to avoid this place of severe shoe denial and dissapointment.

The first time this happened, it really bothered me because something of supreme cuteness was offered, checked out, and then denied to me. But secondly, I was unfamiliar with their billing system. They do not bill until the order ships. Amazon may do that as well, I think, but usually with Amazon, when you place an order, the thing you just bought is in stock. Otherwise, you get a message saying: "This item is no longer in stock from this shipper."

So, not knowing that, I had moved special shoe money into my checking account to cover the splurge, and what happened? I spent the money b/c I was being loosy goosey with my cash, and assumed the money had been credited. Mistas: always keep your eye on your online banking. This is why you really do need a Katie James checkbook cover, to just check off what you've spent, and when the store actually takes it.

When the store called today, and I got huffy. Unfortunately. The first time, they offered me nothing and suggested I come into the store for some big sale. No. I want the sale in my livingroom, thanks. I want the sale to be clickable so that I can go finish washing the dishes or something. This time my huffiness lasted so long, and went through two people because not only did I huff at the first guy who answered the phone, I got home and got a confirmation number for another pair of shoes to another girl, and got extra huffy. I was presented with a discount to numb my huff, and the salesgirl said all of the right understanding things. So now I guess I have to make the great treck down to the lower whatever side and delight myself in trying on shoes. Whew!

Moral of the story? When ordering Fluevog shoes online, call a store first. There are only 6 in the United States. Call the store and let them check around to see if they actually have the shoes, and make sure that some person has not only touched the shoe box, but opened the lid, picked up the shoe and checked to make sure it's your size.

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