Computer Germs and UnZenful Living

Reading about all of my friends being sick over email was quite a story. Dropping like flies, all of them. Me, I was just happy and healthy with my vitamins. Until yesterday. I've mentioned the Painterman and the Building Blasters and hadn't given a speck of thought to the fact that the dust they were creating from plaster might actually make me sick. The slightest layer of dust gets me in a tizzy. And we have about a millimeter in our room. Now a millimeter of dust is actually a lot. Any time you can stick a ruler in it and leave a mark, you know you need to leave the house. So now achniness has embraced me, my teeth hurt and my face is sensative to nervous itchings, I am not without a lotioned Puffs Plus in my hand (down to the last box), and even Dinah looks swollen in her face.

So here's what I've been living in. And when I say "I," I mean me because it is me who works from here during the day. That tiny space on the couch is all that remains of sitting area, but it's hard to get to with David's exercise bike. At night we take those cushions off the couch and sleep there, holding onto each other's feet b/c I refuse to be that smushed if we were shoulder to shoulder. His feet did not smell, thank goodness. And of course mine do not. They are perfect and pedicured.

The bedroom took the most damage. Water damage from the patio above always seeps its way into our ceiling. I put it off as long as I can for this very reason. But how you see how it is a nice shade of butter, vs the royal purple it has been for the past two years. With a dark wood floor and dark wood doors, I realized that it needed a light wall for the best contrast.

I've ordered some French Onion soup from Carne, and it made me flushed all over just eating it. But I have some strength, will bundle up because I'm freezing, and will go to a good hardware store where I can get good cleaning supplies because guess what. I have hired a cleaning service to clean our house. There is too much dust, and if I have to clean it this time, I might slip into a domesticated fit of...of...something where the only thing that will make me feel better is three swigs of NyQuil and an entire chocolate mudd cake from Henry's.

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