Polly Put the Kettle On

I haven't had a kettle or tea pot for over 5 years. I've been boiling water out of a pot. David made popcorn out of too many of those pots, which is really stinky, so it's time for me to find a real kettle, even though I keep trying to stop drinking coffee.

Requirements of Tea Kettle:

  • No metal handle with a metal top. Too easy to get hot and burn myself.
  • Must look unique and cute.
  • The kitchen is tomato soup red, so it has to fit in.

Windsor Whistling Tea Kettles - $115
This is a pretty one. From England. Copper lined bottom. Wood handle. The handle looks big enough that it wouldn't be too small for my grip, if that made sense.
william sanoma tea kettle

Chantal Whistling Tea Kettle - $110
Example of what I don't want. Have had this type before, but the TJ Max version. The handle is too close to the metal lid part. And it's hard to fill them up with water because you do it through the spout. Clumsy.
yuchy tea kettle

Chantal Ball Kettle - $50
Looks interesting. Never had a ball shaped kettle before. Stainless steal. Pretty.
chantal ball kettle

Le Creuset Teakettle - $60
Here is the wooden handle theme, but for $50 less. And in blue, which would look nice with tomato red.
le creuset teakettle

Gibson Chai - $19.95
It's $19.95, and is brushed stainless steal. Not crazy about this one. If it looked like a person, it looks like this guy who I just saw in Scent of a Woman - quite a pointy man. David says he's good to work with on film/tv. That's the word on the sets.

Chantal Loop Kettle - $39.99
This is kind of pretty. A loop kettle. A little strange, but I like the colors. I'll bet it fills up at the spout, and because of the loop angle going back, might not be so cumbersome.
pink chantal loop kettle

BlinkQ Whistling Tea Kettle - $69.99
Another pink one. Didn't want the Jetson's look, but this is different to look at. And again, pink. Good, I think, with tomato soup.
blinq tea kettle

Le Crueset Enamel Tea Kettle - $59.99
Oh, I like this one. For a minute I thought I'd already put it in the list, but this is slightly darker blue, has a rounder handle with more character and charm, has a prettier body with more curves, and I like the lid better.
le crueset enamel tea kettle

And that concludes our search for the perfect tea kettle for the morning. I must take Gerdy out before the 9am leash law goes into effect. I've had 2 cups of coffee in my little tea cup (so yummy with heavy cream and honey...I couldn't stop sipping it), so I had better jog to get it through my system. The Painterman comes again today, and I've not moved anything. The house is covered in dust and I'm well, rather protesting since it's the building's fault that we need to repaint, even though we are getting a free paint job out of it, and I'm changing the color from purple to butter.

Consulting With a Design Expert Elaine Perlov for Her Tea Kettle Picks

I've contacted Elaine Perlov of because I knew she would know of more tea kettle sources than I. And she did.

Says Elaine: "After a recent visit to the Bodum store in the Meat Packing district, I am totally convinced that Bodum is a design expert in coffee and tea." On Elaine's blog, she has cool pictures of her Japanese inspired breakfasts and trays. It's fun to look at how much someone else enjoys breakfast, so she would know a good tea pot.

Calorius - $39.99 at Bodum
The Calorious is electric and shuts off automatically when it boils. I truly have lost at least two pots this way. One involved an artichoke and that did not smell good.
bodum calorious tea kettle

Chambord - $39.95 at Bodum
While not a tea pot to boil water, this tea press was too cute not to include.

chambrod tea press bodum

Curl - $39.95 at Bodum, but there is a $119 stainless steel one
Another electric tea pot.
curl bodum tea pot

Castiron Tea Pot Set - $55.99 at Amazon
As Elaine says: "And the good old Japanese tea pot." I do like this one. Since charm by way of "unique and cute" was one of my requirements, this one does get a vote from me.
japanese tea pot set

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