My New iGoogle Fox Friend and Other Pics

Hi People! It's been a while since I wrote, or seemed like it anyway. It's been quiet here in my little studio off the kitchen. I'm actually enjoying the "silence," which consists of church bells on the hour, sirens, birds, some strange mega-phone-fest with kids in the projects accross the street, etc. All last week workmen were working on the building and had hoisted themselves up on those window-washer-man things right outside my bedroom window and had blasted into the side of the building for days, until finally it rained and they had to stop.

But this post is about my new iGoogle fox friend that I found while doing a virtual demo with a nice sales guy at Vertical Response, an e-newsletter company. I saw that he had it on his computer, and I just HAD to have my own! I'm alone here during the day, and the grocery workers downstairs think I no longer work (when I get dressed up, they say: "Oh, you're going to work!?!), but I'm really not alone with Dinah, Oliver and Gerdy, and now the painter man named Abree, and his Pakistani roof-fixer friend who actually never fixes the roof the whole way hence the painter man. And then there's the Super, Derek, who comes every now and then when I call in a panic if I open the top part of the giant window in my studio and it's lost its springs and won't stay up, which only means that Dinah or Oliver could jump out at any moment, which would be bad because we live many stories up.

Back to the iGoogle Tea House Fox, as he's called. So you can have him too, in your personalized Google. He changes throughout the day! He has tea, does laundry, picks oranges, and fishes at night! And there is a night! And the little fishes in the pond move, I think. This is going to be like Where's Waldo, where I get to see what is different.

igoogle tea house fox theme

Another exciting thing. I have been watching a storm come down from Harlem all the way to our little block, and now it's very dark all around and I actually need to turn on some lights to see. When I say dark, I mean after dinner dark, but it's only 4pm. The wind is whipping through the kitchen. Love storms. Here comes the thunder. Gerdy has come over because she's scared, but she'll probably scamper into the bathroom in a minute, like anyone would in a thunderstorm to seek protection. Dinah has decided to curl up on my lap becauses it's 4pm and she's getting me ready aka annoying me, to feed her. Oh, Gerdy has decided against the bathroom in favor of my feet under the desk.

Ok, since you asked, here are pictures of Dinah and Oliver as hungry kitties:
dinah hungry

oliver hungry

And since you wondered what I did yesterday, here's a picture of the baby puppy that I held, who was born to a lovely Havanese dog (she got knocked up by a Pomeranian). This is the dog of Gerdy's dog walker. The mixed breed is actually called Ewokian, because they look like Ewoks. Cute!!
baby puppy ewokian picture

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