Go Jeff Terrell! We're Listening!

jeff terrellDavid and I just tuned in to FOX 101, the radio station of the Kansas City Chiefs. We can't tell if we're helping him or hurting! When we tuned in, the commentators were saying to watch for Jeff Terrell. And we were. Then he got in, and they called him a "hero" from the last game because he completed all 5 of his passes (he's a contending quarterback just out of Princeton - here are his college stats), to finish at the 1 yard line with a hand-off and a touch down. The only score Kansas City had for that game.

So we tune in, and he went from "hero," "young lad," "ivy league (I think they were trying to give some flack about being from an Ivy League school). He handed off the first pass, a ton of yardage was gained (and I heard the first excitement from the commentators for Kansas City in the whole game), but then he stumbled or tripped or something and we cringed too much to hear the rest. Alright, he threw an interception. I could hear the loud speaker guy announce the interception in the stands, and I could hear the echo in the stadium, and I about died for Jeff. BUT, the 53 yard run or so was the best play of the season for The Chiefs, according to the commentators, and Jeff set it up they said. So there.

We're still listening, hoping that Kansas City gets the ball back and hoping that they put Jeff back in the game. Gaw. This is nerve wracking. But he's made it this far, so good for him!

He's back in. 2 complete passes. 2 out of the 3 complete passes of the whole game and we're in the 3rd quarter.

Feedback from the commentators:
"This Princeton tiger getting hot!!" after he made the next 2 complete passes.
"Two good throws. Another slam. Another to Jeff Webb - why not?" Three straight completions.
"We'll take whatever they can get. And a first down. Getting in a rhythm. Young Jeff Terrell."

Commentators are sounding pleased. They keep calling this "Harvard 3, Princeton 0" because it's a Harvard quarterback vs a Princeton quarterback.