Walking Shoes for Paris - Check

I was in Union Square today for a client meeting, so I took the opportunity to walk into Shoe Mania, the crazy shoe store where common New Yorkers go on their lunch breaks instead of to a Dillards, for example. And I found a shoe. This was pre Mlle Smith's earlier comments to get a Diesel shoe, which apparently, is all the rage in Paris. But I wanted an artsy shoe no matter what.

I scoped out the Pumas, but I just couldn't bring myself to wear them. The toes are too...nose like for me, and very flat for my high arch. I like a round toe, almost platypus. I scoured everything else, finally finding the Campers, but all Campers were on sale, which meant that the only size left was the size that was out, which did not include my size. Resigning to just go to the Camper store in Soho to shell out $150 (the decorations I saw on these Campers were too cute to resist), I saw a Camper look-alike. See below. Where do you think it's from?

teva! who would have guessed?

Teva! The word Teva was nowhere on the shoe, and I'm not familiar with the hand that is their logo, almost like the hand to ward off the evil eye. And they were so comfortable! Quite padded. I couldn't decide between the red and the dark, mossy green, but a cute German girl convinced me to go with color when in Paris. She bought 3 red shoes this summer, and was so happy because of it. That sounded funny. I usually buy 1 red shoe a summer, and I was due. Not to mention these were $69.99. Not bargain basement, but I needed to get the shoes now so that I could start wearing them around the house and on dog walks to break them in. And I see they were cheaper at Shoe Mania than at Zappos.

teva! who would have guessed?

Um, oh dear. In going to the Camper website to link for this post, I've come across some brown boots that I really don't need...oh dear. Resist. Resist. Consolation: they would not look good with socks, and hose is annoying, and how could you not wear socks in the Fall which is when these boots are for. So, there can be no wearing them, and for that matter buying them. Phew.

camper brown women's boot